Thursday, October 7, 2010

“Meditation helps to remove bad habits”

          The concept of physical health as the basis for bodily and spiritual well-being leading to knowledge and enlightenment, propagated by the World Community Service Centre (WCSC) of Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi, is all set to gather momentum in Tiruchi region. Through its Arivu Thirukoil (Temple of Consciousness) constructed at a cost of one crore rupees at Vethathiri Nagar in Kattur on the city outskirts along the Tiruchi-Thanjavur Highway, the BHEL Manavalakalai Mandram Trust would expand the reach of its training programmes oriented towards nurturing positive human traits.

         The Trust, which has been training about 3,500 persons every year, now has a three-floor modern facility where as many as 750 persons can be engaged in meditation classes at a time. At the inauguration of the Arivu Thirukoil on Sunday, the Trust set a precedent by donating one lakh rupees to the WCSC. The amount was handed over to the president of WCSC, S.K.M. Maeilanandhan by chief guest ‘Thavathiru’ K. Ramadas Anna, of Vallalar Trusts at Kottaiyur in Kumbakonam.

         Spirituality is all about how to live, love, and serve, Mr. Maeilanandhan said, inaugurating the Temple of Consciousness. He explained that meditation helps in erasing bad habits and thoughts. He handed over the first copy of the souvenir to the Executive Director of BHEL, Tiruchi, A.V. Krishnan. In his address, Mr. Krishnan attributed the phenomenal growth of the BHEL Manavalakalai Mandram to the commitment and motivation of its over 3,000 members.Vice-Chancellor of Bharathidasan University,M. Ponnavaikko said it was with the realisation of dangers inherent in the absence of moral education in higher education curriculam that the university has introduced Tirukkural and Manavalakalai at undergraduation level.

         Talks on various topics of spirituality were delivered by T.T. Balsamy, Corporation Commissioner; K.N. Sekaran, MLA; M. Tamilchelvam, president of Ellakudi Panchayat; K. Manimaran of Sun Enterprises; R.J. Mala, Trust Secretary; S. Jayaprakash, Trust Secretary; S. Balasubramanian, Managing Trustee; and K. Parameswaran, Principal Managing Trustee. Members of WCSC’s branches in seven countries including Sri Lanka, Dubai, Singapore, Canada and USA, took part.

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